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If you need a fun job that provides a lot of social interaction, look no further than Sear Steakhouse & Lounge. We're a local steakhouse based in the Rockwall, TX area. From front-of-house steakhouse jobs to back-of-house steakhouse jobs, we have openings of all kinds. We're excited to have your career excel with us.

Find out why front-of-house jobs are beneficial

While many love back-of-house steakhouse jobs, the front is always a great place to work too. The front of the house provides:

Transferrable skills

The opportunity for tips

A fast-paced work environment

Knowledge of how to work under pressure

A different experience every day on the job

Take the first step towards a wonderful career in the restaurant industry. View our back- and front-of-house steakhouse job listings today. Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns about the job or your application.

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